On November 22, 2014 UBCP and ACTRA will be celebrating and honouring members for the wonderful work done during the past year. The gala event will be taking place at The Playhouse and will be hosted by The Flash's Tom Cavanagh. Cailin is thrilled to be a featured performer on the night of awards, getting to sing a couple of very funny songs that will remain top secret until the night! For more information visit


Hot off the success of the Jubilation Gala at Christ Church Cathedral, Cailin has jumped right into her next project. She is proud to be a part of the React series for the Arts Club Theatre. This program to help the development of new works by some of Vancouver's best playwrights and composers will give the audience a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes magic of this process. Cailin is proud to be part of the workshop cast of Franklin Falls, written by Courtenay Ennis and Roger Haskett. The public reading and talkback will take place on Friday, November 7th at 8pm. Visit for more information. 

JUBILATION! A Celebration of 125 Years of Musical Theatre

Jubilation-2 (1).jpg

Cailin is pleased to be a part of a Gala Benefit Concert celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Christ Church Cathedral. She will be joined by other guest artists, Kazumi Evans, Warren Kimmel and Jonathan Winsby, as well as a mass chorus including the Christ Church Cathedral Choir and the Vancouver Children's Choir. The proceeds from this stellar concert will benefit the Performing Arts Lodge Vancouver and 127 Society for Housing. 

An Exciting June!

Cailin singing at the Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards. Photo by Gaelan Beatty.

Cailin singing at the Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards. Photo by Gaelan Beatty.

June has been an exciting month for Cailin. Upon closing Waiting for the Parade at the Chemainus Theatre Festival, she returned home to Vancouver to prepare for a busy summer ahead.  She had the privilege of singing a hilarious parody of "Let it Go", from the movie Frozen, at the Vancouver Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards, and had a wonderful time celebrating professional theatre in the city.

She also had the exciting, yet daunting, task of stepping into another production of Les Miserables, this time back in Chemainus, as the "emergency Fantine".  She was able to help out the company (and play her dream role again) for about a week's worth of performances in another beautiful version of the show. She is happy to report that the other actress is now doing fine and she can return to her husband and dog! 

Cailin has a few interesting prospects on the horizon so keep checking back for further updates!

One More Week for the Parade

Well, there is only one more week left to see the wonderful production of Waiting for the Parade at Chemainus Theatre Festival.  We've had fabulous audiences that have absolutely loved the show, as well as some lovely reviews. All of us ladies hope that the show will have the possibility of happening again, but in case it doesn't, you best come see it now!

For those you who are interested in the press we've received please click on the links below. 

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Waiting For The Parade - Chemainus Theatre Festival

Seven years ago, a very special project took place. Cailin was cast in fabulous roles in two shows for the rep company, The Showcase Festival. One of the shows was Cabaret, and the other was Waiting for the Parade by John Murrell.  The production was absolutely beautiful from beginning to end and the entire team, from the cast and crew, to the director and designers were women.  For seven years, the cast and director have been pitching theatre companies across Western Canada to pick up the show again....and here we are.  

On Friday, May 9th, Waiting for the Parade will open again, this time at The Chemainus Theatre Festival on Vancouver Island. Set during WWII, this moving piece tells the story of 5 different women and how they are each affected by the war. It is a truly inspiring and timeless play that you won't want to miss.

A Special Blog Post

Today is the Opening Night of Western Canada Theatre's production of Les Mis. I decided to write blog entry about my love for this show and what it means to me to be involved. Enjoy!


My Dream,

I was maybe around 11 or 12, and I was with my Mom & Dad in Vancouver for my Dad’s work convention. I was all dressed up and being put in a cab with the older son of one of my Dad’s coworkers, and we were going to see Les Miserables at, what I now know was, the Queen E theatre. I didn’t know what to expect, as I was not familiar with the show, I just knew I loved musicals and “they” said this was one of THE BEST. From the moment the lights went down and the overture started, I was transfixed. I laughed, I wept, I felt emotions that I had never experienced. That was it for me….I became addicted to Les Mis.

While other girls fell in love with boy bands and movie stars, I was covering my bedroom walls with Les Mis posters. While my other friends were begging their parents for concert tickets to see the latest pop bands, I was begging mine to drive me to Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and anywhere the tour of Les Mis was playing (have I ever said thank you for that Mom & Dad??!!). By the time I was in my late teens, I had probably seen the show close to 40 times.

I dreamed of being in it one day, first starting out with thinking it was Eponine I wanted to play, but as I grew and the more I took in of the show, I KNEW it was Fantine that was my dream role. Throughout my career I have waited, patiently, for the chance to come along. I have had moments of it being so close and it slipping away, which was heart wrenching for me, but I am a true believer that all things in my career happen for a reason. I have come to know that whenever I “lose out” on getting a role I really wanted at some point, it just means that the better production “for me” is coming down the road…and so I waited. When I got the offer from WCT, it was a surprise. I knew nothing of the coming production and I received the offer from Daryl and Marek over email while I was standing at a bus stop. I screamed….out loud…in front of strangers. I managed to pull it together for the ride home, but once I got home and tried to tell my husband, I was a mess of tears and laughter.  I don’t think he totally understood why I was reacting the way I was (I may have even scared him a little), but perhaps once he sees the show, he’ll get it.

This is my dream come true. Tonight I open the most beautiful show with the most perfectly realized cast and creative team, with a company that has brought it to life with such integrity that I am in awe. I am truly proud and honoured to be here…playing Fantine….in Les Mis (as I said before, LES freakin’ MIS!!) I feel blessed beyond words. 

LES MISERABLES - Western Canada Theatre



Cailin is now in rehearsals for Les Miserables at Western Canada Theatre in Kamloops. To say she is excited about this would be an understatement! She will be playing the role of Fantine, a dream role of hers since she was about 12. The show starts previews on November 28th and runs until December 11th at the Sagebrush theatre. Get your tickets fast as it is already selling out!