Come From Away - Mirvish Productions

CFA Toronto .jpeg

Well, the hit musical that has taken the world by storm is now up and running in Toronto! After a completely sold out preview run in Winnipeg, at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, the beautiful show is breaking historical box office records in TO at the Royal Alexander Theatre! Cailin is a standby with the show, covering 4 roles, and is loving every minute of being a part of this amazing company. While most of her performances will be last minute notifications, she does have a few dates that she knows when she'll be on. During the week of August 28th to September 2nd, 2018, Cailin will be playing the role of Beverley Bass. The good news about knowing it this far in advance, is you can actually still get tickets for those dates! 

Anyone interested in seeing the show and/or booking for those advance dates to see Cailin can book their tickets through Come see what everyone is raving about!