Waiting For The Parade - Chemainus Theatre Festival

Seven years ago, a very special project took place. Cailin was cast in fabulous roles in two shows for the rep company, The Showcase Festival. One of the shows was Cabaret, and the other was Waiting for the Parade by John Murrell.  The production was absolutely beautiful from beginning to end and the entire team, from the cast and crew, to the director and designers were women.  For seven years, the cast and director have been pitching theatre companies across Western Canada to pick up the show again....and here we are.  

On Friday, May 9th, Waiting for the Parade will open again, this time at The Chemainus Theatre Festival on Vancouver Island. Set during WWII, this moving piece tells the story of 5 different women and how they are each affected by the war. It is a truly inspiring and timeless play that you won't want to miss.